Many unique and beautiful flowering species can be found within Warwick Conservation Area. A total of 217 native flora species have been recorded at so far. Three species are listed as naturally occurring significant flora of the Perth Metropolitan Region, Waldjumi (Jacksonia sericea), Prickly Conostylis (Conostylis aculeata subsp cygnorum) and Common Popflower (Glischrocaryon aureum). There are also some significant populations of orchids present that are uncommon in Perth, such as the Chestnut Sun Orchid (Thelymitra fuscolutea).

There are beautiful wildflowers in every season here, but their flowering peaks from August to October, which is the best time to look for wildflowers. Flowering also increases in late autumn or early winter,  depending on when the rain starts after the long dry summer and early autumn.

Wildflowers are Protected

All flora, fauna and fungi are protected by law and a license is required to take any native species, including wildflowers, from any area of public land. There are substantial fines for damage to any species or their habitat.