Jarrah Trail

The Jarrah Trail is a learning resource with 20 Points of Interest (POI) and 4 interpretive signs. Each POI has a QR code and a number located on a limestone block next to the track. Two Focus Topics at each POI provide access to natural history information. These topics and other resources can also be directly accessed from the lists below, along with maps of the area.

This trail starts opposite the Warwick Stadium carpark off Lloyd Drive (North Gate), Warwick. The first Point of Interest (POI) is at the northern end of the trail with the last POI finishing near the high school end of the trail.

The POI team included Mark Brundrett and Karen Clarke, completing the enormous amount of work involved in this project, Stephanie Murphy for preparing the terracotta tiles (thanks to Loretta Clarke, art teacher at Poseidon Primary School, and her students for helping to create the designs on the tiles), Claire Maloney for her co-ordination of the blocks and QR plates, to the City of Joondalup for their support, and to Alex Castle from Jumping Jigsaws Website Design.

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Important Information

  • Please keep to paths to avoid trampling native plants. Restoration areas may be close to the path.
  • Please ride bicycles, etc. carefully in this area to avoid running over wildlife. Unfortunately, we do find flattened animals on trails.
  • It is illegal to pick wildflowers or remove plants, animals, or anything else from this nature reserve.
  • Poisonous snakes occur in this area but are rarely seen.
  • It is important to keep dogs on a lead to protect them and avoid harm to native animals such as bobtails and baby birds.
  • Please pick up after your dog. Dog droppings are a strong fertiliser and contribute substantially to weed growth along path edges.
  • You can report major damage or rubbish dumping to the City of Joondalup hotline, and illegal activity to City of Joondalup Security or the police where appropriate.
  • You may notice signs of weed removal and plantings of native plants. These activities are managed jointly by the Friends of Warwick Bushland and the City of Joondalup. You are welcome to join our Bushcare activities.
  • Guided walks and other events are advertised on this website and The Friends of Warwick Bushland Facebook group.

Copyright Information

Text and images cannot be reproduced without permission. Text is © Karen Clarke, Mark Brundrett and the Friends of Warwick Bushland. Images are © Mark Brundrett unless otherwise stated.

Interactive Map