About Warwick Bushland

Warwick Bushland is 60 hectares of original native vegetation in the suburb of Warwick and occupies the far south-east corner of the City of Joondalup. It is bounded by Erindale, Beach, Warwick and Wanneroo Roads and is only 15 minutes from central Perth.

Warwick Bushland comprises both the Warwick Conservation Reserve managed by the City of Joondalup and the Warwick Senior High School Bushland managed by the Department of Education. The Warwick Conservation Reserve occurs within Warwick Open Space and has had several names over the years such as “Warwick Open Space Conservation Area” or “Warwick Conservation Area”.

Warwick Bushland is jarrah-banksia woodland with scattered tall Tuart trees. Most of the bushland is still in very good condition. There are more than 200 species of wildflowers, hundreds of larger fungi, at least 16 reptile and frog species and over 60 native bird species. Recently bandicoot diggings were discovered and grey kangaroos are occasionally seen.

Warwick Conservation Reserve is protected by the state government’s Bush Forever conservation plan as an important example of its type. This bushland was once widespread on the Spearwood dunes of the Swan Coastal Plain upon which Perth is built. In 2014 it also became protected by the Commonwealth government as a Threatened Ecological Community. The site is registered as “Land for Wildlife” with the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions.

Warwick Bushland is not only significant to our First Australians and the more recently arrived peoples of Perth, it is internationally significant as a conservation area in the unique landscape of south-west Western Australia. “Southwest Australia” is recognised as one of the 36 most remarkable places on Earth, a Biodiversity Hotspot. These Hotspots are the richest and most threatened reservoirs of life on Earth with numerous unique species and habitats.

History of Warwick Bushland

  • 1920

    Wanneroo Road was built

  • 1955

    Reserved as Public Open Space by planning department. Aerial photography shows mostly bushland with a few tracks.

  • 1970

    Housing development is evident in adjacent areas.

  • 1981

    Warwick Shopping Centre was built and Warwick Senior High School opened.

  • 1992

    Greenwood Tennis Courts and the Warwick Leisure Centre were built.

  • 1995

    Walk trails developed and first bushland management plan published by the City of Wanneroo.

  • 1997

    Friends of Warwick Senior High School Bushland formed by Robyn McElroy.

  • 1998

    City of Joondalup formed and Warwick Bushland comes under its control.

  • 1999

    Friends of Warwick Bushland formed by Karen Clarke and Robyn McElroy.

  • 2000

    Designated a Bush Forever Site by WA Planning Commission.

  • 2004

    Official limestone walk trails established. Warwick Bowling Club and public oval developed. Lloyd Drive extended to Warwick Rd.

  • 2016

    Warwick Stadium opens after redevelopment of the original Warwick Leisure Centre.

  • 2017

    Warwick Hockey Centre built by Whitfords Hockey Club, including synthetic turf facility and clubrooms.

  • 2018

    West Coast Senior Education Support Centre opens within the Warwick SHS site on Lloyd Drive.

Partnerships & Grants

The Friends of Warwick Bushland would not exist without the support of the City of Joondalup. Recently we have been able to achieve our 14 bushland information signs and our new website by working closely with City staff. We greatly appreciate the City of Joondalup’s financial commitment to manage and upkeep natural bushland areas like ours.

This is done in many ways such as

  • providing financial support and grants for various projects
  • seed collecting
  • raising plants in their nursery using our local seeds
  • providing these seedlings for us to plant in degraded areas of our bushland, where these original species would have occurred
  • assisting on our planting days
  • weed management
  • removing garden and dumped rubbish
  • Ranger patrols
  • repairing fencing and gates
  • maintaining pathways and fire breaks
  • developing new infrastructure

We would particularly like to thank the active involvement we have with the Natural Areas Team of the City of Joondalup. Their knowledge and willingness to assist is invaluable to the Friends of Warwick Bushland.


Friends of Warwick Bushland is supported by City of Joondalup. We are always keen to discuss sponsorship opportunities – please get in touch!

Get involved


Becoming a member of Friends of Warwick Bushland means you can be as involved as much as you would like.

Benefits of being a Friend:

  • Free membership
  • Guided bush walks usually twice a year
  • Friends of Warwick Bushland newsletter 3-4 times a year
  • Learn how to identify native plants and invasive weeds.
  • Develop an understanding of the biodiversity in the bushland and connections to the local urban area.
  • Become more active in caring and protecting your local bushland
  • Opportunities to be involved in planting and weeding projects

Download Warwick Bushland Trails Map

How to Help

  • Report fires immediately on 000.
  • Stay on the main walk trails. This minimizes disturbance to plants and wildlife by not having too many walking tracks throughout the bushland. This is also for your safety as poisonous snakes occur here.
  • Pick up litter you see in the bushland. It is handy to take a disposable bag with you to collect and remove the rubbish.
  • Make sure your dog is on a lead. Please remove and dispose of dog droppings to reduce fertilizing weeds and encouraging them to spread. Bags and disposal bins are located near the oval and south of the tennis courts.
  • Report anti-social behaviour to City Rangers on 1300 655 860.
  • Report damage, dumped garden or household waste to the City of Joondalup. It’s easy, go to https://www.joondalup.wa.gov.au/kb/resident/reporting-damage-in-the-city and fill out the simple form. Location is recorded automatically if you’re on site and photos can be uploaded.
  • Any obstructions noticed along the firebreaks and walk trails can be reported using the City of Joondalup link above. It is very important safe access for Fire Brigade vehicles is maintained.
  • Become a member of Friends of Warwick Bushland.
  • We are all valued volunteers.
  • Become part of the Warwick Bushland Carers group.

Enjoy and tell others about us.