Point of Interest 14: Fire Break Area

North of the trail the banksia woodland is in good condition but relatively open due to fire impacts. There also are some disturbed weedy areas near the firebreak along the school fence. Patches of Kangaroo Paws occur here in spring. Parrot Bush grows west of the POI marker.

Common Wildflowers

Winter – Swan River Myrtle, Yellow Buttercups (Hibbertia hypericoides)

Spring – Kangaroo Paws, Parrot Bush (Banksia sessilis), Blueboy (Stirlingia latifolia)

Late Spring & Early Summer – Blueboy in seed, Jarrah

Focus Topic 29. Parrot Bush

Parrot Bush (Banksia sessilis) is a large shrub in the plant genus Banksia in the Proteaceae family. It was known as Dryandra sessilis until 2007, when the genus Dryandra was merged into Banksia. This shrub is widespread throughout southwest Western Australia. It is found on sandy soils over laterite or limestone, often as an understorey plant in open forest, woodland or shrubland. As the name suggests, this shrub is an important food for parrots, especially black cockatoos, which eat its seeds. This large shrub is relatively short-lived but has regenerated from seed next to dead parent plants here.