Warwick Bushland is a very important conservation area for bird species. There are many trees with hollows suitable for nesting by parrots. Unfortunately, many of these hollows are occupied by invasive species such as European Honeybees, Galahs and Rainbow Lorikeets.

It is fairly common to find flocks of two endangered parrots feeding here. These are Red-tailed Black Cockatoos, that feeds primarily on Jarrah, and Carnabys Cockatoos that feed primarily on banksia cones and the grubs they contain. They leave characteristic feeding debris under trees, as shown below. This area also supports numerous honeyeaters that feed on nectar from trees and wildflowers. There are many other bird species that can be observed here. A preliminary list of these is provided below.

See Birdlife Australia for bird profiles to learn more about each species.

List of Birds